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Web Directory PRO

You can now start your very own web & search directory using Web Directory PRO. A script based in PHP that will allow you to build your own directory from scratch. It's simple and easy to setup. You can create a Yahoo style directory OR you can customize and create your own niche themed directory. Please review the features below:

Price (single license) : $79.95 USD | License : Lifetime | Updates : 12 months

frontend (Login: not required)
admin (Login: admin / demo)

  • Manage Admins
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Advertisement Links
  • Manage Sponsored Links
  • Approve Links Submissions
  • Approve Link Categories
  • Approve Advertisement Links
  • Approve Sponsored Links
  • List all emails from submitted users
  • Mass mailing a newsletter to all submitted users
  • Unsubscribe submitted users
  • Database Backup
  • Email Lists Export
  • Template Front End Editor
  • Payment Module (2Checkout, Paypal,


DMOZ extraction: You can extract listings from DMOZ if you wish. You can select a category in Dmoz that matches a category within your own directory, and automatically extract listings from DMOZ directly into your directory, takes only a few seconds to import.

Web Editors: You can have users register to edit categories within your directory. They can apply online and you easily approve/disapprove of their application. All managed within the admin area. This is a nice feature if you wish to have volunteers aiding in building your directory.

Advertisement Management: You now have the option to offer three forms of advertising using the script. A built in advertisement system for approval of ads. The following types of advertising are built into the directory script. You can set your own price for what these links will cost per month. All managed in the admin area. The user submits the form, makes payment via Paypal, 2checkout or, and the submission appears in your admin area for approval.

RSS News Feeder: A new feature which can now display RSS news feed.

1. Sponsored Links: These are links that appear above all listings within a specific category.

2. Sitewide Text Ads: These are links that appear above all other links when a search is done or if a user browses a category. This is a sitewide search & category links

3. Right Column Ads: We've added a special right column for ads to appear. These links appear on the entire site (home page included). High exposure ads. The ads are formatted to stay neat, with clickable title and bottom link, with character restrictions to ensure everything stays neatly formatted.


MySQL: 4.1.22 or greater
PHP: 4.3.0 or greater
PHP: register_globals off
PHP: output_buffering on
SERVER: Unix/Linux - Powered by Apache
SERVER: ionCube support (loaders included in the zip file)
SERVER: .htaccess processing support


Customer Quotes:

Will de Mauro
Downloaded and installed e-uploader pro without a problem, excellent program.

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